7 Smart Home Trends for 2016

7 Smart Home Trends

As 2016 progresses, the home trends just keep getting smarter! There seems to be a gadget to automate and monitor everything you need on a daily basis—everything from toilets to TV’s! As we reflect on our own 2016 Home Show experience, we’re bringing you a round-up of our favorite smart home trends that we think you’ll find especially delightful.

So, sit back, relax, and learn just how easy your life could be!

Toto Toilet – This amazing throne provides comfort features including a remote lid opener/closer, warm water cleansing, a heated seat, and an air deodorizer. You do your business, and the Toto Toilet really does take care of the rest!

Keen Air Vent –  Have you ever been hot in one room of your house, only to be cold in another? The Keen Air Vent solves this efficiency issue by monitoring air flow through your home using internet connectivity. The complete system will increase comfort and decrease energy usage—and you can pick from designer vent covers!

Sensor Wake – If you hate waking up to that annoying beep of your alarm clock, you’ll love Sensor Wake. Using a scent cartridge system, the Sensor Wake alarm allows you to wake up to the delightful scent of your choice!

Variowell Smart Bed – This bed knows exactly what you need in each phase of sleep. Using smart technology, the coils in the bed become firm or soft depending on whether you are in a deep sleep or lighter sleep. Retiring in this bed will reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality, and help you wake up in the best way possible.

Hydrao Showerhead – How would you like to get your kids excited about conserving water in the shower? The Hydrao showerhead uses vibrant changing colors to inform you of your water usage. What a fun way to get the whole family involved in saving energy and money!

Winbot for Windows – This nifty gadget is like a Roomba for your windows. Just plug it in, and watch it go! The Winbot can get those really high and hard to reach places without you risking your safety on a wobbly ladder.

Neeo Smart Remote – Do you have a bucket in your living room for all of your needed remotes? What if you could control all of your devices with just one button? The Neeo Smart Remote is able to control over 30,000 different devices with one press of a button. How great is that?

Did you visit us during the 2016 Home Show here in Columbia, MO? If you missed out, here’s a little peek into our booth!






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